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Gender differences in modern Disney characters

Females use to talk more than males but a recent article showed that modern Disney princesses have less dialogue than male characters.
The report reveals that in The Little Mermaid, men speak 68 percent of the time. Additionally, men speak 71 percent of the time in Beauty and the Beast, 76 percent in Pocahontas, 77 percent in Mulan and a whopping 90 percent in Aladdin. Believe it or not, men even have more lines of dialogue in Frozen, speaking 59 percent of the time in a film centered around two princesses.
There are, however, two exceptions, as women speak 52 percent of the time in Tangled and 74 percent in Brave. The researchers also discovered another trend, noting a shift in the way female characters are complimented. In the older Disney princess films, female characters are predominantly complimented on their looks, while in modern movies, their achievements and abilities are more often celebrated.

The prove for this statistics is on IGN

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