Let’s prepare for this new year

”This year, I will…”. It sounds familiar?

A new year comes with new resolutions and intentions, with goals and objectives.
So, let’s make a distinction between some concepts that are usually used. We use goals, objectives and outcomes as terms focused on achievement. Goals are an observable and measurable end result. They have one or more objectives to achieve. Objectives are a specific result you’re trying to achieve. There is a certain a time frame and some resources. Objectives are more specific and easier to measure than a goal. Outcomes are the measurement and evaluation of an activity’s results (info supported by the Business Dictionary).
Because of these, it is useful to focus more on outcomes – personal ones, but also the business ones.

You can also try to align your personal resolutions with the professional plan. Here are some points to think on:
  • What went well for you at work in 2018?
  • What did you do that you were proud of?
  • What new skills have you learned?
  • How have you grown and developed at work?
  • Who have you admired?
  • Which 3 things from 2018 would you like more of in 2019?
  • Which 3 things in 2018 would you like less of in 2019?

In the end, any goal has to check three conditions. These are balance (like work-life balance), investment (time, money, energy) and connections (like the mentors you had).

PS: somebody challenged me to write the article in English.
So… challenge accepted! J