Recruitment lessons took from… dancing classes

Two years ago, I’ve started to take dancing classes. Besides a certain routine, dancing thought me some lessons. Some of them can apply on recruitment as well. Here are some of them:
  • Listen to the music: dancing is not just a couple of moves, it’s more about the music, the beat, and how you follow. It’s similar on recruitment: you have to listen to what the market ”sings”. What kind of skills are most needed or what kind of benefits candidates are looking for?
  • Be a follower: in a dancing couple, the man decides the moves and the girl follows him. It’s the same on recruitment: the candidate decides what move he wants to do. The recruiter has to follow his signs and to guide to a certain job.
  • Capacity to interact with very different type of profiles. Different dancers or candidates, you have to be as professional you can.
  • The happiest people in the world are the ones who mix their passions with their jobs.
  • In each domain, it helps you to assess your development and to set up a new goal.
  • It doesn’t matter the domain because whatever you do if you want to be good you have to train and to study each moment.
  • It’s good to make a fusion: learn different dancing styles or different technologies. You don’t know when you will need that knowledge or what kind of new flavor it can give to your work.
  • Use the breaks – for styling or ... to talk with new people
  • Use the reflexion of you from the mirror (or from what other people use to tell you) – it helps you to improve your skills

In the end, you can receive this kind of lessons from very different areas. So the the list can continue with more items.