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What Is Your Reason For Being?

I remember a recruiter who asked me once ”Why do you wake up in the morning?” Well... to eat, to dress up and to go to work. Predictible things, right? But ”what motivates you to do this each day?” Well... maybe this is more complicated that you can assume. On his TED speech, Dan Buttner presents the Ikigai concept. He says him as a reason why Japanese live longer than other people do. He refers to that actions that give us satisfaction and excitement. For somebody who wants to make a change, it is a good start to think on what you love, what you’re good at, what the world needs and what you can be paid for. You make this diagram and what is in the middle it is the Ikigai. You are special in different ways: -you as a person: this is why any company should hire you -you as a part of a team: this is why people want to work with you on a project -you as an employee of a company: this is why a client always buy your service So... what makes you so special?

When the boss is quitting the job

It says that an employee doesn’t leave a job; he leaves his boss. But what is happening for an employee when his boss leaves the job?
Your boss accepted a new job probably because of the same reasons you would accept a new job. It can be a more challenging project, a better work environment or a greater work-life balance. You can’t blame him as well if it is a better location or if there are other significant benefits. But what you can do is to take care more of yourself and of your next moves will be. Here are some steps: Keep a good relationship: wish him/her well, express your empathy and propose to keep in touch with him. The world is too small and you never know when you will interact again with him.Give him/her feedback – it is like an exit interview but from the other side. If he is mature or smart enough, he will know how to take the best from your feedback and to improve some things on him.Decide if you can or if you want to take more responsibilities. It can be a step up on your …