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How do we use social media?

I read some article on some blogs (1, 2 with some statistics on how Romanian people use social media. Taking into account that this is a habit on the top 3 things people are doing in the morning (besides breakfast and reading email), I think we can take a look on results to be aware of how we can use them in nowadays activity:

  • Facebook was and it is still on the top of the preferences (94% of the people from the survey have a FB account; the next one is Youtube with 63%)
  • Instagram grew a lot (between December 2017 and December 2018 the total users' number was doubled)
  • Linkedin is not anymore on the top 3 of the preferences, but it is still one of the most accessed
  • Pinterest it is one of the web sites that we access more than we did the previous year (or maybe just for 40% of the people)
  • Even if we have the perception that Twitter is not very popular, it is constant in the middle of the ranking (between December 2017 and December 2018 the users' number and tweets number maintain in similar parameters)

In my work, ”consumers” expectations are important for the way we communicate with them and for the channel we use to do it. Although we are aware of the differences between generations and the purpose of our communication, Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram are on the top, followed by Linkedin and Pinterest.
We use Facebook for all kind of businesses / for general consumers in order to gain visibility and engage with new and existing customers. We use YouTube for B2B and B2C businesses for general consumers seeking entertainment because we can share for them all kind of videos. We use Instagram for B2C businesses, but the audience is mainly formed by urban and suburban millennials for whom we can share photographs and video-stories. LinkedIn is used by professionals in any industry (and I want to emphasize ”professionals”), especially those interested in targeting or hiring educated specialists. We use Pinterest for brands marketing, a platform from whom we can save and organize images that link to products, articles or other content.
It is a fact that recruiters look at a candidates social profiles. But also the candidates can search the recruiters on social media. If it is public, this is legal. Because of this, we can we more cautious to share private information and to differentiate a personal account by a professional account