I will be able to do it?

Do you remember a very difficult moment, when there was a lot of pressure on you and you had the feeling that you can’t do more than this?
We’ve been there. But there are some peoples that reshape themselves easier than the others (for eg., the sportsmen). One of the things that are different at them is resilience.
That is the process of adapting well in the face of trauma, tragedy or significant sources of stress. It is crucial to high performance and it is a thing that doesn't happen by chance.
When you're under pressure making the right choice is difficult. It requires your ability to identify the best course of action given your knowledge, understanding of the situation, past experience, and awareness of available resources.
In most of the situations, we want to be resilient.
If youre not, you can build our resilience, like this:
  • Think about what changes can appear and look for the benefits of them. Although it is a difficult moment and things werent how we did expect, the change is part of our life and it is easier to focus on the good things that came with the change
  • Find people who you can count on – you can easier face a difficult moment if you have the support of somebody close to you, somebody who can help you and somebody who won't criticize you.
  • Focus on the future, not in the past. It is ok to analyze that stressful moment you have. It helps you to understand where you wrong in the past and what behaviors you have change for the future. To boost your resilience dont stay locked in your past because you cant change it.
  • Re-analyze your goals – are them real ones? You are still available or interested to achieve them?
  • Once you agreed with your goals, analyze what steps you have to do... and do them. A self-discipline of getting things done right helps you to avoid some difficult moment. Also, it helps you to see things in perspective.

I think that everybody has resilience. It’s just a matter of how much and how well you use it in your life.