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How do we choose... our manager?

We usually talk about how do we choose our job – especially the first one. We hear a lot that we have to assess carefully the job description or the company¢s brand.
But we are prepared to choose also our manager?
We are not anymore in the moment when only the HR and the hiring manager asks for recommendations. The candidate also can ask for information from the market for the company or the manager.
For my point of view, there are some things make a manager a significant one for your career:
  • it lets you to make mistakes and it helps you to learn from them
  • it anticipates your movements / possible difficult situations
  • it is aware of your needs and it does steps to reach them
  • it takes some risks with you
  • it knows your potential
  • it sustains your development needs
  • it is not afraid that you will grow too much

In the end, a classic speech on leadership.