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How should I work as HR?

Being an HR is not like a job for whom you dream or prepare since you were a kid. I don¢t know any child who says ”when I will group I want to be an HR” and maybe there are still some parents of us who use to say ”Personnel department” instead of ”HR department”.
So let's start with the beginning.
How do you prepare for an HR career? You can graduate a faculty, you can take some training on this or you can take training on the job.
  • In Iasi, there are 3 faculties where you can study for HR – Psychology, Economics, and Philosophy. Each of them has its advantages and expertise in some area.
  • As training, you cand take a general one as HR manager or some particular ones – on the activity you will do (like recruitment, training, admin).
  • The training on the job works better for somebody who knows already the activity from the company and it just changes the department.

What does HR? You can work as an HR in a company or in consultancy.
(Some of) The domains where you can work are:
  • Recruitment
  • Compensations and benefits
  • Training and organizational development
  • Performance management
  • Personnel management
  • Payroll
  • Internal communication
  • Employer branding
  • Reporting
  • HR Management

Being an HR is not an easy or a difficult job. But behind the technical skills you need, maybe the most difficult part of this role are the soft skills – things regarding work ethics, social interactions, and data-driven decisions.
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