The power of a second place

Since we were born, we are assessed and we receive a mark. Do you agree that ten is better than nine from the moment we were just a baby?
As a student, you are motivated to be the best – for a price, for a scholarship or just to see your name on the list. But what is happening when you take the second place? It there a win or a loss?
On a TEDx speech, Monica mentioned that she has found that people who came close to winning gained greater motivation to succeed in their next efforts than the winners or the clear losers. The winners reached their goal, their motivation is satisfied and that is the reason why they don’t strive for anything else.
For a second-place winner, we can analyze so close we were to the first place and what we can improve to ourselves to be the best. It is said that ”the winner takes it all”, but nobody says what it will do after this!
We are used to be afraid to lose. We can not change this overnight, but we can start to see some changing opportunities on a lost.
So let’s accept the mistake and let’s focus on a solution.