Be welcomed!

21% of the employees leave their job in the first 100 days. The reasons vary: management, the atmosphere from the team, but also the induction into activity.
The costs of a high turnover / a low retention rate are high. That is the reason why companies with a good onboarding program have a real advantage in the market. They create a sense of connection and a motivation on long-therm for new joiners.
There are some steps which can help:
  • Let the candidate feel the atmosphere from the team during the recruitment process – organize the interview or the technical test inside the company
  • A proper ”welcome” message – even if it is a welcome letter from the hiring manager or just a cozy welcome from the HR, the new employee has to understand that somebody was prepared to welcome him.
  • Facilitate social interaction – after the candidate signs the offer or during his first day in the company organize a meeting with the entire team, where he meets everybody
  • Assign a mentor or a buddy – the new employee doesn't need help only for the technical problems, but he will also have some logistical / administrative questions
  • Give access to all the online platform needed
  • Organize periodically meetings for feedback – for the new employee, but also from the new employee
  • Present the career path and the growth objectives for the new employee

A great onboarding program is not scheduled for only one day – the first day in the company of the new employee. There are are some things that have to be done for first 90 days or for the first year. It involves HR, the hiring manager, but also the employees. It doesn't have to be funny or complicated – it can be simple and it can create a sense of belonging.