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How to negotiate for a higher success

The idea of negotiating makes many of us feel uncomfortable, awkward or anxious. We use to think that we are not good at negotiating or because negotiating is bad when somebody has to lose.
We’re negotiating frequently — at our job, with our friends, in our families. It is the way we work together to arrive at a better understanding and better agreements.
Even if we are talking about our salary or about holidays time, there are some things to be done for a better negotiation:
  • do your homework - know the person you will talk yo, do research on the topic, talk to your teammates (if you go with some colleague for a negotiation) about the things you will negotiate
  • take your time – understand first the process, then the substance. Prepare also a ”Plan B”, but apply it only after you wait for some result from the first one. Don’t hurry because you need time to take some good decisions.
  • focus also on the other side perspective – be an active listener and show how their needs will be met. Negotiation is a win-win process and both partners have to focus on the solution.

Like in many other situations, communication is the key for a successful negotiation: meet your partner, build a trust-based relationship and tell the truth when you ask for something.