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Even if you took 10 at the exam...

Every year mass-media presents news regarding the students who took the maximum grades at the national exams. If we think about how the exams are organized, we can realize that not the smartest students take the best grades.
Why? Because it is an exam where all the possible subjects are already published some months before the exam. In this way, some of them can learn word by word some answers on the subjects. It is not assessed the knowledge, but the capacity to memorize the theory. What about creativity or critical thinking? Where are these assessed during these exams?

This article is not about the Educational system, but about how we understand each exam we take and how do we feel in front of the development process.
Probably most of us heard the question: ”What did your colleagues at this exam?” or ”How many 10 grades were at this examen?”. On the long-term, these questions will not help us. But it will help us to understand what we have to do to improve ourselves and to feel each exam as a way to see our development (not the others).
As grown-ups, maybe we feel that we have a very competitive culture and we were used to want maximum grades at most of the objects. But how many of these students are now very successful-adults?
If as students we were used to have a list with possible exam subjects, how do we solve any adult-problem with an unexpected subject?

In the end, an interesting parenting lesson took by Julie Lythcott-Haims.