Why every recruitment process needs time?

I am a recruiter and many candidates use to tell me ”instead of having a meeting, it would be easier to send me some JDs and I will decide if there is something which interests me”.
I totally agree that everyone's time is very important. If you are ok with your job, you don't want to spend time in other recruitment processes. You feel that it is a waste of time to have an HR interview, then some technical tests or interviews, some meetings with the team or with the manager, or to see the office.
But when you involve in some recruitment processes, there is a chance to find what new projects there are in the market and what are the newest technical requirements. Yes... being informed also needs time!

If you don't like to treated as one between many other specialists in the market, why do you treat a job or a company like one in many others?
I use to say that nowadays recruitment processes there are some win-win processes. Both (the employee and the employer) can choose and both of them invest time.
So, why every recruitment process needs time and more steps for you, as a candidate? Because in this way you will know if you fit with the company or with the team, if you would like your manager or if the project will allow you to grow.
There is an experiment in Psychology that sais that we appreciate more the things for whom we work harder. It's not important if you work on IT or sales, if you are an HR or an engineer. If you don't take time to involve in a recruitment process, most probably you don't care about this choice. If you don't care about this choice, you are not allowed to complain about the job. That is the reason why some people are happy with their jobs and some aren't. And that is the reason why some specialists just choose a job and others choose a career.

In the end, I will propose an exercise – it is not important in what domain you work or what seniority you have. Think at the most wanted company in the market – that company where you really appreciate for their product, or for their specialist or clients. What makes you so special and it will convince them to hire you?
When you will have the answer to this question, for sure you will treat with the maximum seriosity that recruitment process!