The recruiter and the candidate. Love or hate?

don't know if this happened all the time, but I feel that nowadays the relationship between recruiters and candidates is on the extremes. They love each other or hate each other.
Maybe when you understand the other's perspective and its work, it is easier to adopt a middle journey attitude.
So, let's see why recruiters don't like at their candidates:
  • The only questions they ask are about their benefits
  • They don't answer to the messages or calls
  • They overestimate themselves
What candidates don't like at recruiters:
  • They insist too much
  • They are not well technical prepared
  • They are interested only to close the roles

Like any other professional context, the key is on establishing a trustful relation between the recruiter and the candidate. This helps the recruiter to match easier the candidate with the available opportunities, but also it helps the candidate to skip some unwanted situations.

As a recruiter, I have in my mind some candidates with whom I had a great collaboration and I felt the partnership. I am sure that the process was a success for both sides.

What about you, as a candidate, do you have in your mind a recruiter which you appreciate?