Do we still read?

I've read lately an article about the fact that we are not anymore used to read.
We can't say that this is applied to everyone, but for sure these statistics say that Roumanian people use to buy fewer books than people from other countries.
So, why we are not anymore used to read?
  • Because there are fewer families where children see their parents reading
  • Because in schools, children are not encouraged to read books from the ”new wave” (but only the classic ones and they don't like this)
  • Because reading asks time and concentration
  • Because it is easier to make a habit of watching TV than it is of reading
  • Because we are more attracted by subscription to different media channels (like the ones with movies) than a subscription to a bookstore
  • Because good books are expensive
  • Because we don't have anymore public libraries

On the other hand, there are a lot of reading challenges or website with free books which promote reading. But probably just only some people have access to these.

In the end, I think that if we want to grow our communities, we have to invest in culture. So, when was the last time when you bought some culture?

PS: here is my 2019 list with favorite books