Being elegant

Elegance is not anymore a quality we use frequently to describe somebody. Because we don’t see a lot of elegant people or because they are not used anymore to appreciate elegance?

I am looking also into my dressing and I realized that I buy a lot of clothes that don’t make me elegant or feminine - let’s admit that bluejeans are the most important discovery for designers.

Of course, that clothes are not the only thing that a person elegant. The attitude is also important.

So let’s see how we can bring  more elegance into our life:

  • Prepare your mind for an elegant attitude
  • Maintain a good posture - shoulders back and head up
  • Accept compliments and be kind with others
  • Smile often and make eye contact
  • Have a gastronomic and drinking (especially wines) culture
  • Use subtle makeup and dress properly
  • Speak correctly and study a lot
  • Put your phone away while you’re sitting at the table - be present into each conversation you have
  • Choose quality in everything and don’t overexpose yourself
  • Love yourself, know yourself and be responsible for you happiness

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