Age is only a number. Are you sure?

Recently, I’ve celebrated my 30th anniversary. 30 - a magic number :) It is an age that makes me feel wiser, more balanced, and more satisfied than any other age.

We use to say a lot that ”age is only a number”. But are you sure that this applies to everyone?

And I am asking this because yes, age is only a number when we are thinking of our mood, to how we feel, or to what we express. But the age means also all the lessons we took during these years, all the people we met, and all the experiences we had.

So starting with my 30 I’ve wanted to make a list with 30 lessons I learned during these years. And I wrote them randomly here:

  1. Be kind to yourself. Usually, we set some objectives and we are the major judges of our life. For every challenge you have, take it step by step.  Mistakes and errors are part of our development. Go beyond them.
  2. Think about what is important to you. If you are ok, you can do also nice things for others. And it is not about being selfish, but it is about working properly. Learn to say ”No”.
  3. Be brave. This is like a training - the first time, it can be a failure. But you can try it again and you succeed with some effort. When you try it next time, it can be easier for you.
  4. You can feel like a woman without a man. Being single is fun and makes you a strong woman. You learn a lot about yourself. When you will be in a relationship it will be easier to tell your men exactly what you want.
  5. Family is important… until a moment. If my family will read this, I hope they will understand that I respect them a lot. But also, as an adult, I understood that I came from my family with an emotional ”baggage”. It can be sometimes too hard to manage it because nobody says that it is totally perfect. Take the best from it and improve yourself to the best version of yourself.
  6. Friends also… are next to you until a moment. When we are young we like to have a lot of friends. During the years, some of them leave our life and it is normal. Because they have other priorities. But also we will have new friends. And also this is normal. Because we have other priorities. We will keep only just some friends that will be near us during the years. So choose your friends wisely, enjoy the ”ride” with them and let them go when they want this.
  7. Be patience. You receive what you deserve when you are prepared for it. And trust your instinct - in most of the cases, things will solve easier than you think.
  8. Be elegant. Elegance is an attitude. It means how we dress, how we think, how we speak.
  9. Love your body and show this. Eat healthily and do sports. Dress properly with things that make you feel special.
  10. You can choose. You are responsible for how you feel and to your happiness. Embrace your independence. It is quite nice to do things on your own.
  11. Stress less and only for the things you can control. It is important for your mental health. Ignore gossip and don’t gossip - they also affect  your mental health.
  12. Memories are important to you. Don’t depend on people, but remember the moments you spent with them.
  13. Believe in the competition with yourself. Not in the one with others. Do something that has your imprint.
  14. Education, career, but also passions. Everything is important. A strong education goes to a strong career. Besides them, you have to take care of your passions. Keep a balance between them or just be aware of what advantages / disadvantages they can bring to you.
  15. Learn a lot… from everybody… and everything. Education is not limited to school. Read a lot because in this way you can talk with smart people. You will have good manners and good speech. Read at least a book per month. Invest into yourself and to your development.
  16. Be the change you need in the world. Take actions, not only comments. Work hard and don’t complain - nobody cares of your complains.
  17. Be assertive and express with care what you think. It helps you to feel better. People near you will understand you better. You can’t be liked by everybody and you can’t like everybody.
  18. Hugs and smiles - your weapons in front of everybody. Do them with honesty.
  19. Be grateful because for sure you have things to be thankful. And learn to forgive because it is on your benefit to forget.
  20. Pay attention to the people near you. Some of them need your help. Chose wisely that ones. And pay attention also to the people who support you when you really need help.
  21. Respect other opinions. Even if there are critics. It is what it is. Think only if it is relevant to you. Don’t take it personal.
  22. Just listen. Don’t advise others - maybe they don’t need it. Just listen them. And don’t say a word.
  23. You also can be vulnerable - you are also human. Don’t be afraid to recognize this. You can’t be perfect at everything.
  24. Don’t believe in stereotypes, in the things that society says that you have to do. Just do those things you like, that are moral, but not illegal. And choose people you like, not the ones who follow just an icon.
  25. Try things and analyze how this makes you feel. If you don’t try, you don’t know if it fits you. There is no ”I can’t”, there is only ”I don’t want”.
  26. There can be moments when you are sad. And people that can lie to you. But learn from this and go further.
  27. Set some priorities with your money. We, girls, love shopping. But how many of the clothes we buy we really need? I’ve learned to make lists with things I want to buy; these ones help me spend money only things I really need.
  28. Social media is nice. But a lot of friends from Facebook are not relevant to you. And they can only make you feel tired. Unfollow the ones who are not relevant to you.
  29. Admire nice people and try to spend time with them. Learn from them and improve yourself to be like them.
  30. Let the list open for all the learnings that will appear during the next years.

In the end, like that movie says: ”Thirty, Flirty and Thriving

Photo credit (the movie ”13 going to 30”)


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