If you want to be happy… be!

Even if you are at work.

Nowadays I see a lot of people that feel sad or unhappy when they are talking about their work. But why?

We have the chance to choose our career. So why are we unhappy when we are thinking about going to work?

If it is about how we feel at work, maybe we just have to change some daily habits.

Here is a shortlist with some ideas:

  • Choose wisely the people near you. If you can, try to work with people with a growth mindset. They have a nice attitude and this will make you feel great.
  • Be focused on time spent at work. Doing relevant things makes us feel good. Results make us feel relevant. So try to cut the ”death-times” and avoid moments when you just lose time.
  • Try to not control everything. Because you can’t do this and this will frustrate you. Understand that you have only some expertise area and others which can be improved.
  • Learn from the past and hope for the future. Set some objectives and work for your wishes. This helps you to grow and believe in some dreams.
  • Don’t waste your energy with gossip or irrelevant actions.
  • Keep in your office only good, beautiful, or useful objects. In this way, you will keep a clean and clear office.
  • Smile more, share easier, and love people.
In the end, a TEDxTalk recommendation about relevant and important people around us.

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